Monday, 2 July 2018

Natural Wonder: Waterfalls of Milford Sound, New Zealand

Milford Sound is the jewel of Fiordland National Park in the southwest of New Zealand’s South Island. Celebrated for its awe-inspiring landscapes, pristine environment and remote and rugged beauty, the geography of Milford Sound makes it a truly special place to visit. Milford Sound is a long narrow inlet located at the northernmost end of Fiordland National Park, opening out onto the Tasman Sea.

Gushing down from the surrounding rainforest into Milford Sound are myriads of cascading waterfalls, some reaching a thousand metres in length. Many of these fluctuate depending on rainfall. There are two main permanent waterfalls in Milford Sound: Lady Bowen Falls (162m high) and Stirling Falls. Lady Bowen Falls provides a source of both water and electricity for the residents of Milford Sound.

Because the waterfalls appear at their best after or during rain, Milford Sound is perhaps even more beautiful in bad weather.